Steel Making


We offer the new method in protection in steel making. We suggest the on-line test method to find the probably existed defects and the new method in warehousing and protection of manufactured consignments.



Our company has a special look to marine market which needs the special knowledge and instrument to fine doing of it. We know that the every service in marine sites is more complicate and difficult as in land and we ready to do it better as any other. Our team trained for each field of marine services that could assured the contractor by each level of expectation.



The railways are the vital vein for each community to shipment of the cargos and transporting of people. In crowded cities failure in railway services is the nightmare for everyone. We have a special care to railway and its improvement services. A wide spread of new methods to safe save of the railways bring us to one the trusted partner for subway and train companies.

Water & WasteWater


Water and waste water treatment plants generally encountered with Corrosion of metallic equipment during operation. PGC provides wide range of corrosion management/control and technical inspection for detection corrosion in equipment and assess the rate of deterioration and find and recommend appropriate solution for protecting .

Oil and Gas


Oil and Gas industries generally divided in several fields that are in our Market and we present various services relating to corrosion control and inspection in these fields including equipment, pipelines, boilers, etc. There are 3 main categories that are able to provide services:

• Upstream

• Petrochemicals

• refineries

We present the engineering services about instruments and technical services which could be useful for oil and gas industries in upstream that maybe in land or sea. The various monitoring systems setup, inhibitor injection, construction, welding services and technical tests as NDT and NDE methods.

Petrochemical site are one of the main complex which have many of similarity with oil industry. Our goal is set for its technical equip and engineering support from A to Z of the site protection and commissioning. Some of the out range services will doing by our joint ventures that are the fame manufacturer in world. The policy of our company is reach to a global standard in petrochemical industry.

Refineries are our one of main activity and our experience had built on it during the last years. The procurement of devices and materials the pipes, valves and heavy instruments from trusted global source and also the erection and test running before start up the units are the main divisions of our services, likewise technical support and engineering assessment as technical plans drawing beside of engineering analysis and assessment like as FFS (Fitness For Services) are a division of services that revealed by our experience in this field.

Power Generation


Power and Energy is vital industry for each country and protection of these industries directly related to national security of countries, thus protecting its equipment from corrosion and maintaining them in operation is very considerable. We provide corrosion control and inspection services for Power Generation industries especially in Gas & Steam power plant and clean energy industries.

Gas & Steam Power Plants
Power plants are the main and strategic units of each government which release the steady produce of electrical energy if the system works as ready situation with the suitable engineering and maintenance. We offer the best methods for the LTE (life time estimation), advanced test and inspection methods to on-time diagnosis of the tensions and stresses which could lead to failure and shut down. We try to replacement of rejected parts as blades or other instruments in well time result the higher efficiency and engineering analyzing and upgrade of the units shows the higher efficiency.

Clean Energy
By the daily growth of the human community the apprehension of the energy goes important than last. One of our visions is reached to an agreeable portion of the clean energy market. In this order we offer the new system for energy provides in domestic and industries uses. Our company takes the first paces in this way by offer the solar water heater and electricity panel erection for homes that could supply the required electricity of houses in far place which are deprived of the public energy network.